Cedric the Carbrooke Knight.

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Cedric the Carbrooke Knight.

Hi, I am Cedric the Carbrooke Knight, I have spent some time in Carbrooke Church - perhaps 800 years! Now I want to go & see the world; join me in my adventures as I set off to explore, if you would like to help me find out what is going on, in Carbrooke, Norfolk, or the big wide world, please contact me, I travel light!

Before leaving on my travels, I had a quick look around the church. It was as inspiring as ever, but I was surprised to find the new toilet, which was an improvement on the communal latrines the Monks used to use, and the new kitchen sink was much more convenient than the old well we had!



I said goodbye to my friends, my Brother Knights and Bobby Bear, who I met recently on Carbrooke Teddy Trail, and set off.....




I found these clay models very moving. The pupils of Carbrooke school worked very hard on this project, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WW1.

As it was November, I paid my respects to those from Carbrooke who laid down their lives during WW1 and WW2, at the War Memorial at the front of Carbrooke Church.




CedricNCFC1CedricNCFC2Cedric NFC3

Day out at Carrow Road to see Norwich City FC play Reading

Thanks Heather and Tyrone Murrell for taking me to see the football. I had a fantastic time, despite the result, and made lots of new friends.

I have still got my scarf as a memento.


As it got closer to Christmas, I thought I would find out what letters, cards and presents have to go through, to reach their destinations. Luckily I arrived safely by Mail!

cEDRICBUILDING1Meet our little helper for the week, Cedric. He is joining us to find out about modern building techniques at Everett & Sons. Let's hope the weather improves.

Although Tony Everett is working on site today, with the weather being so foul we thought Cedric would be happier learning a bit about the office at Everett & Sons. Many people don't realise how much paperwork is involved in being a builder.

It's not all bricks and mortar these days. Cedric was quite surprised!

Today was Cedric's last day as our little helper. He's worked hard and learnt that although some techniques and machinery have changed over the years, there is still, and always will be, lots of mud!



 CEDRICBUILDING4Today he also met Chris Almond, of C Almond Plastering.

I found out about Marquee Manufacture at Weatherill Brothers Ltd, my companions used to stay in canvas tents as they travelled to Jerusalem, they were all stitched by hand. Nowadays most Marquees are made from heavy Duty PVC & welded together.



Gosh what fancy table decorations for a wedding.


Cedric's trip to Morocco December 2014.

I can't believe my luck, I have been invited to Morocco with Sarah Corbett, to visit some charity works, and am looking forward to seeing what goes on and how I can help out.

I've got my passport all ready, its a good likeness isn't it?


Ready for take off.

Cedric has been making lots of friends since he arrived. Marrakech is a super friendly place and cedric is getting to know the local people, they are all really keen to hear a out his life in the UK village of Carbrooke.

Desert starts here! Welcome to Marrakech. In darija.. The local arabic ..... marhaben!
Enjoying the view

We are staying in riad star

We had a relly early start. And left at 2 am. Cedric wanted to wear something chic and exotic for his trip, so we looked at some pictures on the internet, and went for a gnawa themed look here he is at the airport looking wonderful, and ready to take his seat on the plane.

Today we went to see traditional herbalist Abdou. He has a fab shop which sells medicinal and culinary spices and natural beauty products.



Cedric spent the afternoon at Henna Cafe Marrakech. We had lots of important meetings, and Cedric found a new friend.






 This is the onetime home of Josephine Baker. She was given the house by the pascha of marrakech. She was an amazing lady!  

Learning about the medicinal herbs of Morocco.






Finding out about our Christmas oranges.






Its Christmas time! time to find out about Christmas traditions. Can you spot me?

And who is this? A jolly chap all dressed in red, to bring gifts to children in bed.

Catch up with my next adventures -  A trip to Cuba - Christmas celebrations - Furry friends.

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Cedrics adventures on Facebook