February News 

Great News! At last we have been given the go ahead to install a toilet in the Church, the work is due to start at the beginning of March, and be finished by Easter. It will also include repairs to the Vestry (or North Porch) which is in a very sorry state. It was the main entrance to the church at one point, and has been used as the Vestry for clergy to get ready, for storing important items, and also as a Sunday School, with an ancient Priests room above. When the toilet is installed, take a moment to look up at the ceiling which is very ornate, considering the former uses of the room. Outside the decorations in the stonework are amazing too, and will soon be restored to their former glory.

The installation of a toilet will be a great benefit to us all, enabling us to hold more events and activities in the church, and providing comfort to Baptism, Wedding and Funeral parties.

Sadly we have had two Funerals during February. On 5th Jack Clarke, was laid to rest at the age of 95, having spent most of his life in Carbrooke. Members of the Royal Marines from Portsmouth attended the service, and the ‘Last Post’ was played which was very moving.  Jack had served as a Royal Marine both before and during WW2.

On 6th February,  the Church was packed for the Funeral of Peter Smith who did a lot of voluntary work at Watton Sports Centre, especially maintaining the grounds. He was involved in the organisation of football in Norfolk and at Norwich City's Field of Dreams centre.

We offer our condolences and prayers to the families of Jack and Peter.

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