Carbrooke Church fund raising.

Carbrooke Church Fund Raising.'Faith Hope and Charity’
Carbrooke Church Monthly Prize Lottery

To raise desperately needed funds for repairs to the building, and work of the Church in the community.
For an annual payment of £15 you will receive a number, which will be entered into 12 monthly draws.
Each month there will be a first, second and third prize.
Prize money is dependent on the number of tickets sold and will be confirmed on the day of the first draw, which will be held  15th December 2013.

Jane Atkins –  Angela Weatherill - 

To purchase a ticket:- cash or cheque made payable to:  Carbrooke PCC. Lottery promoter is David Saunders, on behalf of St Peter’s and St Paul’s Church, and is run in accordance with the required gambling laws  (licence number SL0270).

Now prepearing for the 2015 cycle of the lottery.

Please contact us to renew subscription, or to join for 2015.

The first draw of 2015 cycle will take place on Sunday 21st December 2014.

If you would like more information about Carbrooke Church, events or activities, please contact us.

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